We, as a nation, are at a pivotal moment. With The Promise and Plan 21-24 driving forward the work of the Independent Care Review, we have the opportunity to redesign our care system to provide a nurturing, loving environment for our children and young people to grow and thrive in, enabling them to reach their full potential and contribute fully to our society. The Promise is leading the way, the political will is there to push through change and so many organisations are supporting #KeepThe Promise.

Each and Every Child, in partnership with FrameWorks Institute, has produced an easily accessible Toolkit to help put the findings from extensive research into practice. This toolkit is based around eight key recommendations on how each of us can frame care experience when we talk, write, or  engage with the wider community. The Toolkit website site explores how we talk about care experience with practical ways to embed framing across all our communications. The website also contains all the research documents, additional opportunities to support organisations and individuals to engage with framing. Have a look, share with your networks and join our mailing list to stay in touch about additional training opportunities

Personally, as a foster family, our lives have been enriched by the expansion of our family. This has been challenging, at times, navigating our way through the complex eco system of care, knowing how it can and should respond to our son’s needs.  We have experienced first-hand the wider societal attitudes to young people within the care system, people making assumptions about birth family, not wanting their children associating with us, or worse their pity. Our son, like all the young people I work with is a wonderful human who brings so much love and joy to the world. He, like all young people within the care system has a great deal to give to society and enriches our lives with his presence. We need to ensure that Each and Every child in Scotland has what they need to thrive.

Ultimately, our communities are stronger when the needs of all children are met, and this is the Scotland we can, and must, build together. Change is possible. It is necessary. It is time for all of us to take action so that we can to drive this change forward, for Each and Every Child.