Voices of Experience

Storytelling is a fundamental part of the growing voice of care experience in Scotland. It is well understood that as human beings, we make sense of the world through stories and in order to capture the public imagination and secure their backing for the changes that are needed, it is critical to tell a compelling story. In terms of care experience, there has been a clear level of success regarding the use of personal stories to raise awareness of the current challenges. It is vital that people with care experience are central to the movement to build support for progressive policies and to positively shift public attitudes, which will improve the lives of care experienced people now and in the future

Voices of Experience’ aims to develop a training package for people with lived experience to explore how they can use research and reframing techniques to influence public attitudes towards care and care experienced people. We have created a short term Reference Group who will work with the Each and Every Child staff team and FrameWorks to co-design a bespoke reframing training package for people with lived experience and a forward plan for cascading training across the country. The group consists of six members with lived experience of care, in a variety of settings and different stages in their lives. Some of the group are well known advocates and some are emerging voices within the community who bring their expertise, professional and personal experiences to the co-design process

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing the development of this element of the work, sharing materials and blogs on this page. Make sure you sign up to our mailing list to keep informed of all developments.