Upcoming Events

The Each and Every Child Framing Sessions will help you to understand what framing is, explore the evidence based framing recommendations and try practical exercises to support you to use framing in your own lives. Each of these sessions will be delivered via Zoom. To sign up for a session, please follow the link for each date, which will take you to the Eventbrite booking page. You must attend an Introduction to Framing and Framing Care Experience session in order to attend subsequent, additional sessions. 



Introduction to Framing and Framing Care Experience

Our introductory session will introduce Each and Every Child and the evidence-based framing recommendations. This session is a pre-requisite for attending our additional sessions, below. The content covers what framing is and what it mean for how we tell our stories; how can we change public thinking about care experience; how to use issue frames, values, metaphor and context and use these tools to tell a new story; and what triggers mental shortcuts – and what the consequences might be for communicators?

Next Session – Tue 03 Sep 2024 – 1400 to 1600



Additional Session: Framing Data and Causation 

This session will support participants to explore ways to frame statistics and analysis when communicating about care experience to change the narrative. It will use insights from our body of research on care experience here in Scotland, as well as research on poverty. The session explores – how the public respond to unframed statistics and analysis; what motivated numeracy is and how we can navigate it; the role of explanation and causation; and how we can make sure our data tells the story we want it to.

Next Session – Tue 08 Oct 2024 – 1400 to 1600



Additional Session: Framing Care Experience Creatively and Consistently

The session will look at how you can bring frames to life creatively by considering bespoke exercises, examples and practice that you can use. There will also be an opportunity to share practice and ideas around how to use and flex the framing recommendations within your work.

Next Session – Tue 20 Aug 2024 – 1400 to 1600



Additional Session: Supporting People To Tell Stories About Care Experience

This is a highly focused and practical session for anyone involved telling stories about care experience – in particular, as a spokesperson or when supporting other. The session explores – the importance of staying on-message, including the perils of myth-busting and crisis language; sharing stories from first-hand experience, bringing in context and holding systems to account; using framing in interviews; staying in control and telling the story you want to tell AND the spot, position and move technique

Next Session – Tue 05 Nov 2024 – 1400 to 1600



Framing Cafe

Join our monthly Framing Café – providing an informal opportunity to discuss framing and carry on the learning from our Introduction to Framing session. The Framing Cafe offers – a confidential space to celebrate framing wins and talk through challenges; meet others who are working to frame care experiences; share experiences and examples of embedding the framing recommendations; hear from organisations who have been working on using the framing recommendations specific pieces of work and continue to develop your skills and confidence using the framing recommendations and techniques

Next Session – Thu 10 Oct 2024 – 1230 to 1330