It's time for change.

Each and Every Child is a new initiative to change hearts and minds on care experience in Scotland. We aim to create a fresh, inspiring narrative to shift public attitudes and improve life chances of children, young people and their families. 

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An introduction

How we talk about care experience matters. Each and Every Child is about telling a new story. This story looks to build and improve public support for the progressive vision outlined in The Promise’s Plan 21-24. To help with this challenge, we’re changing how we speak about care experience, using framing recommendations from the FrameWorks Institute’s research into public attitudes to care experience in Scotland. We have produced an easy, accessible toolkit that explains what framing is, why we’re using it, and how you can put it into action yourself. It is time for change, it is time to tell this new story. Together.

Here, Each and Every Child Programme Director Claire O’Hara introduces what we mean by ‘framing’, and how everyone can get involved:

A New Story

1. Start with what all children need to thrive

2. Link improvements to the care system to healthy development now and in the future

3. Use the scaffolding metaphor to explain how our care system can and should support healthy development

4. Use the navigating waters metaphor to explain how social and systemic factors can lead to involvement with the care system

5. If you need to talk about stigma, explain how it works and why it happens

6. Place individual stories in context to show how – with the right support – every child with care experience can thrive

7. Use of the strengthening community ties to remind people that our communities are stronger when every child has what they need

8. Show that change is possible, as well as necessary, to build support for solutions.

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