Framing Data & Causation

Next session – Tue 08 Oct, 1400 to 1600

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Our Framing Data and Causation session draws on insights from our research in care experience in Scotland and poverty to explore new ways of explaining an issue, using statistics to strengthen the story we tell about care experience and the care system. This session explores how we can use data and statistics effectively, avoiding activating unhelpful ways of thinking, and how to fully explain an issue – leading to clear solutions.

Delivered via Zoom, this 2hr session will cover how the public responds to ‘unframed’ statistics and analysis; motivated numeracy, and how can we navigate it; a deeper dive into the role of explanation and causation; using data to tells the story we want it to

This is an interactive session and provides an opportunity to reflect on your own area of work. In advance of the session, please think about the different ways in which you use stats to communicate a message, and how you might use stats to explain information around care and care experience.

The session is for anyone who communicates about care experience or the care system, including individuals with an interest or involvement in: policy, evaluation, analysis, research, or those who support communications in these areas.

To join this session, we ask that you have completed our Introduction to Framing and Framing Care Experience session.

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