Training and Events

“The session absolutely exceeded my expectations – fantastic content, brilliantly put together, engaging hosts, honest, stimulating, evidence-based. Assuming the best of the audience in terms of intelligence, outlook, experience and elevating our thinking without being patronising. It’s a session that I will not forget and will be spreading the word.”

“I genuinely found the Each and Every Child training I’ve done to be the most valuable professional training I can think of… I really think it’s that good.”

“I’ve done the intro session a few times and every single time I did it, I got something different from it.”

Spotlight Session

The Each and Every Child Spotlight Session offers an opportunity to dive into a specific area of framing. Each session gives a chance to explore recent learning about how framing is being used across the Scotland, the impact that framing can have and practical examples of framing in action.


”After the training session, I was starting to apply some of what I’d learned, and I found that to be really helpful. To be able to touch base, just more informally, and being in a space with other people who are doing similar work to you.”

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