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Episode Two

We know that if we change how we speak about care experience we can radically shift public understanding of the issue, which is the first step in challenging stigma and discrimination. The Each and Every Child framing recommendations are built on comprehensive research by FrameWorks UK that looked to understand the public attitudes and assumptions around care experience and the care system. Recommendations were then drafted alongside an advisory group and rigorously tested with the public to make sure that they work. Since then, the Each and Every Child team have been working to support people to explore how they can use the framing recommendations, to help create a new narrative about care experience across the country.

It is vitally important that the voices of people with lived experience of care are at the centre of the Each and Every Child initiative. People with experience of care have brought their expertise (from their lived experience, professional experience and from working with their communities and networks) to the development of the recommendations and the work to raise awareness of them across Scotland.

But how does it feel to use the framing recommendations when speaking about your own experience of care, or speaking about care from a position of having been involved with the system?

On the second Each and Every Child podcast, we are joined by two members of our Voices of Experience reference group – Jimmy Paul, Director of WEALL Scotland and trustee at Lumos, and Oisin King, MSYP for Who Cares? Scotland and student of Politics and Social and Public Policy at the University of Glasgow – to discuss this, and to explore how they have used the framing recommendations in their own lives.

This episode is a rich exploration of individualism versus systemic change, the reflections of Jimmy and Oisin around not wanting pity or sympathy, but action is exceptionally powerful. The need to slow down and think about what we say, how we say it and the impact of using the framing recommendations to tell a compelling, authentic story to drive constructive change. We are reminded we need to hold a safe space for people to express and process their feelings, their trauma, their anger, before we start to share those experiences on a wider forum. The journey of learning we have all embarked upon has been challenging, but embracing the discomfort and breaking through to the shared learning has been transformational for us all. We need to continue listening and learning from the people who know, embrace sharing power, celebrate our shared humanity and remember we all have agency to drive forward constructive change for all.

We hope you enjoy listening!

Best wishes

Claire O’Hara, Programme Director, Each and Every Child

Michael Wield, Programme Officer, Each and Every Child

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Episode Note

Each and Every Child is an initiative that is focussed on using robustly tested framing techniques to create a new narrative around care, one that shifts public attitudes and increases understanding about care experience and the care system. Based on FrameWorks UK research into how the Scottish public thinks about care experience, and how care experience is discussed by media, individuals and organisations across Scotland, eight framing recommendations were produced to change how we speak about care experience. The recommendations have been tested to tackle stigma and discrimination, whilst building support for improvements to the care system to help Keep The Promise.

Voices of Experience have been central to the work of the initiative from the beginning and throughout. The Voices of Experience Reference group is made up of six individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences of care. The group has influenced the whole of the initiative, including coproducing work for people with lived experience of care.

For our second episode we are joined by Voices of Experience members Jimmy Paul, Director of WEAll Scotland and Oisin King, MSYP for Who Cares? Scotland and politics student at the University of Glasgow. In this episode, Jimmy and Oisin join Claire O’Hara, Each and Every Child Programme Director, to discuss what it is like to use the framing recommendations when speaking about care as someone with lived experience. The guests reflect on what it is like to speak about how powerful the framing recommendations can be when speaking about their experience of care, or speaking about changes that are needed in how we provide care for Scotland’s children and young people.

The Each and Every Child Toolkit can be found here

The research and methodology behind the initiative, conducted by FrameWorks UK, can be found here