It is recognised that the most powerful way to communicate the potential of reframing is for people to see it in action. The Each and Every Child team are working intensively with ‘Early Adopter’ organisations to embed reframing and the toolkit across their work. This will show us how framing can be used in different contexts and will allow organisations and individuals to get an understanding of how the techniques and recommendations can be used in their own work. We will share this work on our website, in our newsletter and on social media.

Who Cares? Scotland – embedding framing across an organisation

We are working with Who Cares? Scotland to embed framing across their organisation, and we have been working with their different teams to explore how framing can be used in their different contexts. This has begun by delivering introduction sessions to their board and leaderships teams and is continuing by supporting the organisation to use the framing recommendations in education and training activities, their fundraising work, with their communications team, and with their policy team.

We will be working with the staff team to explore how framing can be used in each area of their work. We will be supporting the National Representative Board and WC? members to explore framing through our co-designed Voices of Experience session.

The Promise Scotland – embedding framing within policy making

The Promise Scotland is the organisation driving forward Scotland’s reimagining of care after the findings of the Independent Care Review. We are working with them to help support the use of framing across their work with policy makers, politicians, and the media, as well as within their work funding projects for change and empowering people with lived experience of care to become change-makers.
This will be complemented through work on framing by The Scottish Government, as both organisations are work closely together on shaping social policy.